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Reef Nutrition Oyster-Feast Concentrate - 16oz

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Oyster tissue & eggs in a convenient squeeze bottle works wonders with filter feeders & sps.

Oyster Feast is a refrigerated liquid concentrate of oyster eggs and ovarian tissue and is the perfect size (1-200 microns) for feeding corals - softies, SPS, and LPS.

Each bottle contains 5 full oysters!

  • Naturally size-appropriate for feeding SPS and LPS corals
  • Highly suitable for a broad range of corals and other invertebrates
  • Fast coral feeding response
  • High in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Stays in suspension
  • All the benefits and nutritional value as oyster eggs but in a smaller particle size (down to one micron).
This product should be refrigerated before and after opening.

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