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Sailfin Blenny - Yellow (South Pacific)

Sailfin Blenny - Yellow (South Pacific)

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SKU: F-2280B

A Sailfin Blenny with incredible yellow coloration - from Fiji.

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    Blennies are diminutive fish typically with elongated bodies, and as such we do not recommend any aggressive or large-mouthed fish to be kept with them; this includes all groupers, snappers, sweetlips, soapfish, lionfish, eels, goatfish, anglers/frogfish, leaf fish, and any other fish who may eat them.

    The Sailfin blenny is noted for its large dorsal and anal fins which, when spread, make this elongated fish appear much taller than it really is and give it a very appealing shape. This variety from Fiji has a stunning citrine yellow colored body all over. Its bright coloration makes it easy to spot even when it sits motionless on the rockwork, creating a beautiful display. Males and females are visually identical. It grows up to 4 inches.

    The Sailfin blenny spends most of its time perched on rocks, always alert and watching its environment. It uses its large lips to rasp away at the rock work, eating detritus and algae. It may also clean algae from the glass, leaving 'kiss marks'. It is typically reef safe; however it may pick on SPS coral polyps or clam mantels. This does not normally damage large, healthy coral colonies; however if small or weak colonies or frags are present they may become damaged.

    Diet should include plenty of marine algae and Spirulina, frozen Mysis shrimp, and other high quality meaty items. It is preferable to feed more than once a day. We recommend a mature aquarium of at least 30 gallons or larger. Live algae is an important source of food, and should be growing in the aquarium before the blenny is introduced. Algae grazing blennies may be especially aggressive towards similar species, and are best kept one per tank.

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