Tuxedo Urchin

Mespilia sp.
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One of our most popular and colorful urchins. A great addition to any aquarium!

Urchins have sharp teeth at their center which they use to scrape algae, including coralline algae. They are able to scratch acrylic so are recommended only for glass aquariums. Echinoderms such as urchins are extremely sensitive to changes in the water quality. They require well established aquariums for both water stability and sufficient food supply.

The Tuxedo urchin is one of the most popular urchins for algae control. If there is not enough algae to eat it may be fed dried algae sheets. It comes in two color varieties and may be either blue or red. It uses its tiny tube feet to collect small items and use them as camouflage. It is very reef safe, and only bothers corals if it is starving. It is typically collected from the Philippines and can grow to 2 inches.

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