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Ultra Reef Typhoon UKD-250 Protein Skimmer

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High performance protein skimmer from Italy for aquariums up 525 gallons.

Ultra Reef Typhoon UKD-250 Protein Skimmer

The TYPHOON Ultra Reef protein skimmers are a range of high performance internal skimmers designed for the management of large aquariums. They are powered by high capacity pumps with an electronic controller to vary the operating speed and regulate the extraction capacity of the skimmer.

How it Works

The Ultra Reef range of protein skimmers are designed to filter aquariums by removing the surfactants from seawater. It pumps a mixture of Aquarium water and air bubbles into a mixing chamber. By exploiting the properties of the film surface tension between air and water. It generates a dense foam that moves upward into the collection cup where it can be easily removed and cleaned out as necessitates.

Quality Craftsmanship

Quality craftsmanship down to the screws - Ultra Reef products are based on Italian design and production. Paired with high-quality materials this makes any Ultra Reef device a premium piece of equipment for any aquarium. The parts are made via CNC machining from full blocks of durable PVC, while the assembly is made with anti-corrosive titanium screws for an extremely long service life. For further proof of its quality, look no further than Ultra Reef's ISO 9001 quality certification.Contaminant disposal for the cleanest, clearest water.

Innovation and Control

Our skimmers are equipped with the latest generation Sicce DC pumps with needle impellers. The pumps are equipped with a controller for adjusting the speed and wattage of the pump for additional tuning. Ultra Reef has designed a plug-in venturi that mixes large volumes of air and water within the skimmer creating a concentrated layer of foam with a high filtering capacity. Our venturi design is equipped with a simple self-cleaning system that prevents the accumulation of saline deposits inside the injector.

Precise Adjustment for Optimum Nutrient Content

The adjusting screws allow to alter the skimmer's settings and volume of induced air. This allows for an optimum nutrient content and water quality in any tank ensuring stability even in new aquariums, with extreme low organic load. These skimmers are ideal for dry and wet skimming.


Ultra Reef skimmers have an integrated silencer that minimizes the skimmer noise making it virtually silent. The exhaust system is submerged in the base of the skimmer for silent operation as the clean water is discharged back into the tank. Rubber feet are installed under the base to absorb all vibrations and avoid annoying resonances

Efficient to Run and Maintain

The PVC components can all be disassembled (and replaced if damaged or broken), while the needle wheel pump can be accessed by removing the titanium locking screws on the conical chamber. The skimmer also has an innovative Easy Flip seal, which allows for the easy removal of all components to clean the unit.


  • Aquarium Size: 184 - 528 Gallons (700 - 2000 Litres)
  • Required sump water level: 8 - 9" (approx. 22cm)
  • Pump: Ultra Reef / Sicce PSK-SDC 4000
  • Air Intake: 500-2300 litres/hour
  • Water Intake: 2600 - 3000 litres/hour
  • Power Consumption: 16 - 58 Watts
  • Dimensions: 17.72" x 13.78" x 25.59" (45cm x 35cm x 65cm high)