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Pinpoint pH Probe Replacement

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Probe replacement for electronic pH monitors and aquarium computers

Pinpoint pH Probe Replacement

Easily fits into the PinPoint pH Monitor.

Ensure that you keep the tip of the probe always moist. Do not let it dry out!

J&L Aquatics recommends that you replace your pH probe approximately every two years or when your pH readings fluctuate after calibration.

Features of the Pinpoint pH Probe

  • Fast and precise pH measurement for the entire range of pH from 0.00 to 14.00
  • 10-foot cable is high suppression jacket to shield from electrical interference
  • Universal BNC connector - fits almost every controller including Neptune, Hydros, Milwaukee, etc.
  • Fully submersible/waterproof
  • Body contains a fully sealed reference with double external reference junctions
  • Extra internal fill means maximum probe life
  • Maintenance free

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