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Two Little Fishies ReBorn Coarse Reactor Media - 4KG

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High quality calcium reactor media ensures your corals lack for nothing.

ReBorn is a coarse aragonite media for calcium reactors.

Composed of fossil skeletons of reef building corals sustainably harvested from pristine sites in the Western Pacific. When used in a calcium reactor where it is dissolved with CO2, ReBorn not only replenishes calcium and carbonate alkalinity, it also replenishes strontium and trace elements in the same proportions they are used by corals to build their skeletons. In this way ReBorn replaces exactly what corals need to grow.

Unlike many other calcium reactor media, the coarse size of ReBorn allows for unrestricted water flow and easy diffusion of carbon dioxide, for maximum efficiency and easy maintenance of the calcium reactor. The naturally porous structure promotes carbon dioxide penetration assuring a uniform dissolution rate.

ReBorn dissolves completely and will not turn to mush! These features combined with it's very low phosphate and silicate content mean that ReBorn is the ideal media to use for promoting the growth of live corals, clams, calcareous algae, and other calcifying creatures in a reef aquarium.

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