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Brightwell Aquatics NeoMag Media - 1 KG

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Brightwell NeoMag Magnesium Reactor media is designed to be uses inside calcium reactors to boost the magnesium output. Great for coral growth in reef tanks

Brightwell NeoMag

High-purity magnesium media for placement in reef aquarium media reactors.

Overview of Brightwell NeoMag

  • High-purity, magnesium-rich mineral that may be employed in traditional calcium reactors, or even blended in to pre-existing aquarium substratum, to gradually increase and maintain the magnesium concentration in the system.
  • Provides magnesium, which helps regulate the balance between calcium and carbonates in aquarium water, and is a component of aragonite, the mineral secreted by reef-building organisms to form skeletal material.
  • Composed of magnesium, calcium, and carbonates.
  • Optimal average particle size for use in media reactors and calcium reactors.
  • Free of chloride and sulfate.
  • Mined in the United States.

Instructions & Guidelines for using NeoMag from Brightwell Aquatics

Rinse material in freshwater or saltwater prior to initial placement in aquarium system. Employ in a calcium reactor (main chamber or secondary chamber) at a total ratio of approximately 9:1 aragonite: NeoMag by volume. The rate of water flow through the reactor in conjunction with the pH of the water inside the chamber(s) will have the greatest impact on the rate of media dissolution.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions furnished with the calcium reactor to adjust the rates of water flow and CO2-injection and attain the desired concentrations of magnesium and calcium in the effluent. Measure alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium concentrations in the aquarium two- to four-times each month during the course of using NeoMag to ensure that parameters are within the desired ranges, and make adjustments to reactor system as required.

As the biomass of corals and other reef-building organisms residing within an aquarium increase with time, so the bio demand of calcium, magnesium, and carbonates increases, as well; this being the case, the frequency at which aragonite and NeoMag must be replaced will increase.