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Brightwell Aquatics Kalk +2 - 450 Gram

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Brightwell Kalk +2 is a premium grade calcium hydroxide powder for preparing Kalkwasser for dosing in marine and reef aquariums. - JL Aquatics Canada

Brightwell Aquatics Kalk +2

Calcium, magnesium, and strontium supplement for all marine fish and reef aquaria.

Kalk +2 Features

  • Contains calcium, strontium, and magnesium in the same ionic ratios found in aragonite. This unique feature increases the usefulness of KALK+2 to reef-building invertebrates such as corals, clams, calcareous algae, etc..
  • Provides temporary alkalinity and helps maintain pH within the desired range when used as directed.
  • Adds no conservative elements,suchas chloride, to the aquarium.
  • Improves upon the industry-standard powdered calcium supplement over the past three decades.
  • Formulated by a marine scientist.

Instructions for using Brightwell Aquatics Aquatics Kalk +2

KALK+2 is intended for use by experienced hobbyists who are familiar with kalkwasser (calcium hydroxide-based) products. The calcium concentration ("[Ca2+]") and pH in the aquarium should be determined by using an accurate test kit prior to supplementing. Do not add this product directly to an aquarium without diluting in water as directed, and do not overdose; it must be added in a controlled fashion with a dosing device.

Create a stock solution by dissolving 6 grams (~1 tsp) of KALK+2 in 1 US-gallon of fresh water (preferably purified) and allowing at least one hour for any settling to occur; each ml of the saturated sol'n will increase the [Ca2+] in 1 US-gallon (3.785 L) of water by 2.3 ppm, strontium concentration by 0.04 ppm, and magnesium concentration by 0.06 ppm.