Caribsea Purple-Up Accelerator - 16 oz

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Unique supplement providing all the basic elements needed to support coralline algae.
Not a Fertilizer: Encourages the growth of desirable pink and purple coralline algae and not nuisance algae.

Unique Dual Method Approach to Coralline Algae Acceleration
  1. Ionic Calcium: Immediately raises dissolved calcium levels in the aquarium water.
  2. 10 Micron Aragonite: Targets the live rock surface where it dissolves in situ delivering calcium, strontium, magnesium and carbonate right where it's needed.

Iodine Replenishment: Purple Up also replenishes iodine, an essential element for coralline algae tissues that becomes quickly depleted in closed systems.

Easy To Use: One bottle replaces the typical multi-product recipe for successful coralline algae growth favored by advanced aquarists.

Contains Super Sea Calcium: Natural calcium derived from pristine, tropical oceans.