Clarisea SK-5000 G3 Automatic Fleece Filter

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The Clarisea fleece filter is a fleece water filter for any saltwater or freshwater aquarium that fits in your sump keeping your water clean.

Clarisea SK-5000 G3 Fleece Filter

The ClariSea fleece filter is an ultra compact, patented, high efficiency water filtration system, which continuously removes suspended particles such as micro algae, detritus, food, organic waste and gravel dust from the water column to improve water quality and clarity.

The ClariSea design has been continuously developed and improved over 4 years, and is suitable for use in both marine and freshwater aquariums, fish-breeding and coral propagation systems.

Clarisea Fleece Filter Benefits for your Aquarium

  • BRILLIANTLY CLEAR WATER - A ClariSea filter will completely replace the need for high maintenance filter socks and result in crystal clear aquarium water.
  • LIGHT PENETRATION - The use of a ClariSea fleece filter will ensure the highest possible filtration efficiency for optimal light penetration to enhance growth of your corals and plants.
  • REDUCED ACCUMULATION OF ORGANIC WASTE - Continuously removes detritus & organic waste from the water column preventing it breaking down into nitrate & phosphate in your aquarium.
  • REDUCED LOAD ON PROTEIN SKIMMER - The ClariSea fleece filter dramatically reduces the load on your protein skimmer by removing even the smallest of particles.
  • REDUCED MAINTENANCE - Constant filtration results in reduced maintenance of pumps, wave makers and protein skimmers, plus... no more socks to clean.
  • NO MORE DETRITUS - A ClariSea fleece filter will noticeably reduce the accumulation of detritus in your aquarium substrate and sump.

Features of the Clarisea SK-5000

  • Extremely small installation footprint - will fit more aquariums without sump modification
  • High volume filtration capacity - up to 5000 L/hr
  • Removes the requirement and maintenance issues of filter socks
  • Reduces nitrates and organics in the aquarium
  • Improves water quality and clarity
  • Multi-function smart controller - automatically advances dirty fleece.
  • Audible & visual alarms for end of roll and filter jam/float switch/overflow errors. Prevents continuous wind-on of roll
  • Built in fail-safe overflow - to prevent flooding
  • Simple-to-change fleece, without removing ClariSea from sump
  • Special 40m extra long fleece roll - phosphate free and low-odor
  • Long roll life - expected 8-10 weeks after initial dirt removal
  • Quick release silencer/splash plates - for quiet operation, reduced salt creep and easy cleaning & maintenance
  • Water bypass system - for total water management
  • Inlet adapter connects to 1", 32mm and 40mm pipe diameters
    • Fully constructed body - for easier and faster installation
    • Upgraded motor & cruciform
    • Top rollers with guides - for lower fleece/motor tension
    • Easier roll changes with the new drop in fleece holder and dirty roll removal tool

Clarisea SK-5000 Specifications

  • Recommended flow rate: 5,000 l/h (800 USG/h)
  • Optimal water depth for longer fleece life: 10cm (4")
  • Minimum submerged water depth: 5cm (2")
  • Maximum submerged water depth: 20cm (8")
  • Hang-on bracket height adjustment: up to 14cm (5.5")
  • Recommended aquarium size: up to 1200 liters (320 USG)
  • Universal inlet connection: 32mm / 40mm / 1" (Slip fit socket needed for 40mm connection)
  • Filter fleece: 15cm (6") width

The ClariSea unit includes a smart controller for the automatic and manual advance of the fleece roll. This will also show visual and audible alarms if a potential error is detected during operation.

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