RowaPhos Phosphate Removal Media - 100 mL

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The longest lasting most powerful phosphate & silicate remover we have to offer you.

ROWAphos is a completely new phosphate-eliminating chemical developed in Germany. Unlike the aluminum-based phosphate sponges on the market, ROWAphos is a granular ferric hydroxide chemical capable of binding large quantities of phosphate, silicate and arsenic by adsorption.

It is completely safe for aquariums and does not negatively influence water quality in any way. No output of substances like aluminum as with other phosphate sponges will occur. When exhausted it does not release back into the water.

Depending on phosphate levels in the aquarium, ROWAphos can rapidly reduce phosphate levels to ZERO and can last for up to several months before having to be replaced. ROWAphos can be used in a canister filter or simply placed in its enclosed sock at the end of the main filtration process.

100ml treats 100G Freshwater or 50G Saltwater.