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E-Marco 400 Aquascaping Kit - Grey

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Complete grey kit that allows you to bond your base rock together to make unique shapes.

E-Marco 400 Aquascaping Kit - Grey

Now in Natural color to perfectly match MR rock.

Reef safe and trusted by thousands to bond their aqua-scapes, MR E Marco 400 is the #1 choice if you are looking for the ultimate underwater bond.

This 5 lb kit comes complete with mortar powder, liquid with an acrylic polymer (to keep the joint from getting brittle in water), instructions, mixing spatula, and a bucket to do the mixing in. If you do not need the entire batch, simply rinse the bucket and put the rest back, put the lid on and store in a cool dry place. Affix to rocks, sets in about 20 minutes so be mindful how much you mix to use per session.

Once rocks are bonded they can be carefully handled after approximately 2 hours but fully cures in 24 hours. For best results, don't touch or move rocks for 24 hours after building.

E-Marco 400 Grey Aquascaping Kit Features

  • Simple 2 part Mix
  • Sets in 20 minutes
  • Cures underwater
  • 100% fish and coral safe
  • Make arches, caves, and overhangs
  • Prevent rock slides
  • Grey color

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