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Marco Rocks Reef Saver Foundation Rock - 1lb

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Environmentally friendly reef material in the shape of 1/2 flat pieces - ideal for great bases!

Marco Rock Reef Saver Foundation Rock

Our famous Reef Saver Rock cut to offer a smooth, flat surface. We recommend placing this rock under any rock work at the boundary layer between the glass and rock display.

This design allows the second layer of your scape to safely "float" above this bottom layer, promoting healthy flow around the rock work and over the substrate. Foundation Rock can be siliconed to the glass if desired.

Another aquascape option is placing the rock flat side up for a shelf look.

Our MarcoRocks is the finest all natural aquarium rock available to the aquarium enthusiast today. It is a once live natural reef rock. All natural calcium carbonate rock. Never any chemicals, additives. Often, you can spot fossilized ancient corals within the rocks.

Our rock is a "green" sustainable product. Because it is not harvested from a marine environment, it has no negative impact on our delicate reef or marine ecosystem.

Combine this with our unique no-chemical cleaning and processing and you get great looking, pest free rock that's also environmentally friendly.

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