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Ecotech XR30 60d 3 Side Light Spill Shade - 4 Inch

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Radion light shade for the Ecotech XR30. 4 inch narrow angle shade designed to keep light in your aquarium and not on the floor.

Ecotech Radion XR30 Light Shade - 4"/60 degree

Tired of your lights illuminating the room and not your tank? This may be the solution for you!

3 Sided Light Spill Shade for Ecotech XR30 LED

The 3 sided light shade is designed to easily attach to your Radion LED and is ideal for standard aquariums that have the lights oriented in "landscape mode" up against a wall.

You can choose between a wide angle (45 degree) or narrow angle (60 degree) shade depending on your set-up. Each light shade is available in two different heights which as well that gives you the option for a larger shade height for lights that are higher above the aquarium water.

XR30 60 degree 4 Inch Light Shade Features

  • 3 sided light is ideal for "traditional set-ups". For peninsula or lights oriented 90 degrees, we would recommend the 4 sided shade (special order at this time).
  • 60 degree shade is designed for deeper aquariums or where you want higher intensity.
  • Made out of high temperature PLA - won't warp or bend.
  • Slip on over existing light with cutouts for ventilation and power cord make installation easy.
  • No significant PAR loss - possibility of a DIY set-up of reflective material on the inside of the shade.
  • Decrease of blue light exposure in area of aquarium.
  • Works with G5 or G6 Radion LED fixtures
  • Dimensions: 14.7" x 8.5" x 4"