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Reef Crest Bulk Calcium Hydroxide (950 Gram)

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Economical food grade calcium & carbonate (alkalinity) additive for reef aquariums.

The grade of chemical you need, at a budget friendly price!

Calcium hydroxide is commonly considered a "one part" additive. Among other things, it helps maintain calcium and alkalinity levels.

It also raises pH levels and boosts skimmer performance as a result which helps to precipitate phosphate aiding in the combat against algae!

Mixing & Dosing Instructions:

Dissolve a maximum of 2tsp per gallon to filtered water, let settle, and keep (siphon) only the middle layer between the surface and the bottom of the container. It is this fluid that should be added as replacement for evaporation. Because this fluid has a pH of 12, always add slowly (drip), to an area of high flow. It is best to add the solution at night, if not 24/7 using a Shlobster dosing pump.

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