Eheim Feeding Station

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A dual hopper automatic feeder for mid to large aquariums.

The Eheim Feeding Station serves your fish's meals underwater, at a fixed location.

When you feed your fish, the food usually floats on the water surface where it spreads and disperses but any food that is not found or eaten immediately, will disappear into the decorations and filter where it will slowly decay and contaminate the water. The difference with the Eheim Feeding Station is that the food delivery is controlled from the food chamber - underwater.
The fish are already waiting and the food can't drift very far - everything is eaten and the water will stay cleaner for longer An additional benefit is that you can observe and monitor your fish at the feeding station.

Benefits of the Eheim Feeding Station

  • The food is delivered underwater, via the chamber, to the same location every time
  • There is very little waste from food dispersal
  • Everything is eaten - No decaying food residue in the decorations or filter
  • Less contamination in the water due to the reduction of decaying matter (nitrate and phosphate)
  • No oxygen consumption from bacterial decomposition of food residue
  • Lower food costs - all the fish gather in one place which is ideal for you to check for diseases, parasites, inflammation and also for observing feeding behavior

Quality Eheim Construction and Features

  • Consists of a food chamber and detachable platform
  • The platform was designed as a base for the Eheim Every Day Auto-Feeder, the Eheim Turtle Feeder, and the Eheim Twin Feeder.
  • Universal fitting for frames, glass stays, bars, etc. Clamps included.
  • The food chamber (without the base platform) is also suitable for the feeder opening on the Eheim aquarium (Varilux) hoods.
  • Can also be used for manual feeding (without a feeder)
  • The Food chamber can be used as a defrosting station for cubes of frozen food.
  • Suitable for fresh and marine water

Dimensions: 95mm (3.74") Wide, 120mm (4.72") High, and 160mm (6.30") Deep.