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Neptune Systems Apex Automatic Feeding System


Automatic feeding system that is compatible with Neptune Systems aquarium computers.

Neptune Systems

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Product Description


    Feed your fish consistently, and safely, while you are home or away!

    A key component of caring for aquatic animals is regularly providing them with food, but in amounts that get consumed immediately so as not to pollute the aquarium. On top of that, most species do best when they are fed all throughout the day.

    However, overfeeding of aquariums is one of the top reasons for water pollution and tank failures. With the AFS, you can use the Apex to schedule to feed your fish small amounts of food from once, to as many times as you like throughout the day. You can even set the exact days to feed or not to feed. And, if you are measuring water quality using ORP, you can even hold off feeding if the ORP values drop too low in the tank.

    The most obvious benefit of the AFS is that it can feed your fish when you are away on vacation - no longer do you have to worry about a friend or family member forgetting to feed, or worse yet, overfeeding your tank!

    Stay-dry system prevents caking and clumping
    A common issue for most aquarium autofeeders is moisture getting into the food, making it clump or cake and clogging up. The AFS has a motorized food delivery system that automatically extends and retracts into the housing for each feeding. And, the food container has a built-in gasket that seals out all moisture once it is retracted. Pretty cool, huh!?

    Build complex feeding routines with the Apex and the AFS
    Since your AFS is part of the Apex ecosystem, you can build automated feeding routines that really do all the work for you. Imagine kicking off a symphony of operations on a timed schedule, like this:

    1. Turn off skimmer
    2. Turn off return pump(s)
    3. Set VorTech pumps to Tidal Surge
    4. Dim LED lights to 40%
    5. Wait 5 minutes
    6. AFS feed cycle x 2
    7. Wait 10 minutes
    8. Turn on return pump(s)
    9. Wait 10 minutes
    10. Turn on skimmer
    11. Turn LED lights back to normal
    • Feeds pellet or flake food in varying amounts
    • Apex can be set so that the AFS will feed from one time to as many times as you like throughout the day
    • Connects via the Apex AquaBus
    • Stay-dry system has a sealed food container that extends and retracts for each feeding. This keeps food dry and prevents clumping.
    • The lowest setting feeds just a few grains of pellet food so multiple small feedings are possible
    • Allows for optimal feeding - small amounts many times a day
    • Feedings can be combined with other operations such as powering off return pumps, skimmer, etc. and then automatically turning them back on after a set amount of time.
    • Adjustable mounting clip extends up to two inches (or velcro can be used) so it will work in almost every aquarium configuration.
    • Includes 15' AquaBus Cable
    • Compatible with the Apex, Apex Lite, and Apex Jr. AquaControllers.
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    Additional Information

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    1. works as stated. Review by aqualink

      Programming was okay and works well with feedmode settings. There is not an advanced tab for programming the unit in fusion/ The crossover food is bright red (<1mm), visible to the fish. The pellets float for awhile and often skirt over the overflow. Still trying to find a food that sinks at a slower/optimum pace. (Posted on 12/7/2017)

    2. Great now I can go on vacation Review by Dennis

      I bought these as a means of giving my critters a snack in the afternoon, but they are going to be great for feeding when I'm away from the house for a few days. (Posted on 11/5/2015)

    3. Great feeder for Neptune Apex Owners Review by Chris

      I really like this feeder. Although expensive it's the only one of it's kind that connects directly to a Neptune Apex controller. This gives the owner a great deal of control, such as automatically shutting off return pumps, slowing down power heads, etc. If you like to feed your fish multiple times per day but have a little thing like a job getting in your way, this is the answer. (Posted on 10/27/2015)

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