Two Little Fishies

Two Little Fishies MagFeeder Fish Feeder

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Innovative feeding mechanism that attaches to the side of your aquarium.

Like our very popular VeggieMag, our new feeding device, The MagFeeder and its accessories make feeding your fishes more effective and enjoyable too.

MagFeeder comes with a floating feed ring that retains flake foods, pellets, powdered invertebrate feeds, or any food you want to dose into your tank but don't want to see go right over the overflow.

The magnetic coupling makes it possible to easily position the ring without getting your hands wet, and the jointed connection assembly makes it simple to adjust the distance from the aquarium wall.

Another feature that comes with MagFeeder is the Two Little Fishies button that pops into the mushroom head of the feeder. It retains any ring-shaped foods, such as the Mini Marine Grazer from New Era.

The magnetic coupling lets you position or retrieve MagFeeder easily, and without getting your hands wet.

Stay tuned for more new and exciting feeding accessories that you will be able to attach, deploy, move and retrieve easily with MagFeeder!

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