Eshopps Deskmate Shelf

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Filter media compartment for the Eshopps Deskmate aquarium.

Eshopps Deskmate Shelf

The Eshopps Deskmate Shelf is specifically designed for use in ESHOPPS Deskmate 3.8 gal. desk top aquarium.

It is made for fresh water application to effectively improve water quality and filtration. It easily slides in under the Deskmate's built in overflow filter compartment to maximize water capture and flow.

The Deskmate Shelf is equipped with a pullout handle and three media compartments making maintenance a breeze.

Deskmate Shelf Features & Specifications

  • Easy to use & simplifies maintenance
  • Improves filtration and clarity of your Deskmate aquarium
  • Pullout handle with three media shelves
  • Dimensions: 3.35" x 3" x 9.5"

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