Eshopps Skim Buddy

$ 53.95
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A hang on sump skimmer overflow to help increase skimmate collection capacity

Increase your skimmer collection cup capacity with the Skim Buddy!

SKIM BUDDY is an auxiliary skimate container which enables aquarists that have incorporated a Protein Skimmer to remotely collect skimate to an easily accessible location while increasing there skimate storage capacity.

SKIM BUDDY's innovative hang-on design frees up valuable floor space in your sump filtration area. Installing a SKIM BUDDY will further facilitate servicing/ cleaning of your protein skimmers collection cup.


  • Easy Collection Container
  • Space Saving Hang On Mount w/ Locking Bolt
  • Clear View Design
  • 10mm Nylon Barb Connector

  • Dimensions 6x3x9"
  • Capacity 2.5 litres
  • Tank Usage 20-125g

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