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Falco Hawkfish (Asia Pacific)

Falco Hawkfish (Asia Pacific)

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Very similar to the Speckled Hawkfish - does not grow as large.

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    Hawkfish are entertaining fish with outgoing personalities. They have do not have swim bladders so can only float in the water with effort. They prefer to spend their days perched atop rocks or coral surveying their surroundings. They are coral safe, but are predatory towards shrimp. It is possible for hawkfish to consume even a large shrimp by bashing it against a rock into bite sized pieces. They may also eat anything else that can fit in their mouths, including small or slender fish. They may bully other fish and we don't recommend keeping them with small wrasses, jawfish, dottybacks, gobies or blennies. They do well with angelfish, tangs, larger dottybacks, large wrasses, triggers and puffers.

    Hawkfish are carnivores and their diet should include plenty of high quality meaty items, marine algae, Spirulina, and frozen Mysis shrimp. It is preferable to feed at least once a day. They are hardy and usually learn to eat dry foods.

    The Falco hawkfish is a lovely fish with a snow white body covered in large bright tangerine spots arranged in stripes along its back from its head to its tail. Wide orange bands also extend vertically down its back. Rusty red freckles decorate its face and shoulders, and two stripes extend from its eyes. Each spiked ray of it dorsal fin is tuffed with furry cirri. It is similar to the Speckled hawkfish but does not grow as large. Males and females are visually identical. It grows to 3 inches; we recommend an aquarium of at least 20 gallons.

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