Hagen Aquaclear 70 Hang-On Filter

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One of the oldest filters around and still extremely popular - If it ain't broke don't fix it!

AquaClear's unique "CycleGuard System" effectively combines mechanical and biological filtration.

AquaClear filters combine the largest volume of efficient filter media in individual inserts with the powerful water flows from the free floating impeller.

Designed to fully exploit the benefits of removing aquarium waste both mechanically and biologically. The waterfall style output of the filter agitates the water surface while creating beneficial currents throughout the entire volume of the aquarium.

Filtering basket allows you to add both the manufacturer's filtration cartridges and your own filtering materials.

Includes a patented system for easy flow adjustment and a cover that reduces evaporation.

Maximum Flow: 300GPH
Maximum Aquarium Size: 100 Gallons
Power Consumption: 6 Watts