Kordon Amquel Plus Water Conditioner - 16 oz

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Instant ammonia detoxifier - it's your insurance policy against biological filter problems.

The addition of KORDON'S AmQuel to aquarium or pond water quickly removes ammonia, chlorine and chloramines and is equally effective in both fresh or salt water.

AmQuel removes ammonia by combining with the ammonia molecule and producing a third, harmless molecule. Because AmQuel makes this part of the nitrogen cycle non-toxic, it is less stressful to the aquarium or pond inhabitants, especially in salt water. The nitrifying bacteria consume this non-toxic molecule as they would an ammonia molecule and the nitrogen cycle proceeds unimpeded. AmQuel also removes chlorine without the use of sodium thiosulfate, the only aquarium water conditioner to do so.

AmQuel is nontoxic to all aquarium inhabitants or biological filters as well as humans and pets. Over dosing 2 or 3 times the normal dose will not harm fishes, plants or invertebrates. AmQuel can safely be added to existing saltwater or freshwater aquariums or to new water being used for water changes.

AmQuel is the only ammonia-remover which is non-toxic and stable.

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