Kordon Novaqua Plus Water Conditioner - 16 oz

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Chlorine & heavy metal detoxifier with a colloid coating to repair fish slime coat.

KORDON'S NovAqua is a unique and safe combination of chemical compounds that produce highly desirable effects in freshwater and marine systems.

NovAqua provides a protective colloid coating on a fish's body when the natural slime has been removed due to injury, disease or rough handling. The coating acts like an invisible bandage, providing a barrier against serious loss of internal fluids and electrolytes and protects damaged areas of the body against external toxins and disease causing organisms. NovAqua also aids in concentrating certain drugs and antibacterials at the diseased or damaged site.

NovAqua detoxifies heavy metals and is capable of eliminating free copper ions from solution. NovAqua contains cations and anions that are required by freshwater fishes. Freshwater fishes remove these ions from water via the gills. The need for these ions is increased during times of stress. NovAqua also neutralizes chlorine (free and combined). Its buffering action is designed to assist aquatic organisms in adapting to new environments and to prevent pH shock.

NovAqua can safely be added to existing aquariums or to new water being used for water changes.

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