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Reef Crest Bulk Sodium Bicarbonate (3600 Gram)

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Economical food-grade carbonate (alkalinity) additive for reef aquariums.

The grade of chemical you need, at a budget friendly price!

Sodium bicarbonate is used to maintain the alkalinity level of your aquarium. Alkalinity is needed to support the pH of your aquarium and to encourage proper growth rates of calcareous organisms.

Choose sodium carbonate instead when pH is low.

The goal is to maintain as stable an alkalinity as possible. We recommend using a Shlobster dosing pump with a timer to provide dosing in even increments throughout a 24 hour period.

Great for larger adjustments to your aquariums alkalinity level.

Mixing & Dosing Instructions:

This product should be dissolved in freshwater before being added to your aquarium. Slowly add the solution to a high flow area of your system. Example dose: 1.2tsp (5.6 grams) will raise 100 gallons of water by 0.5 dKH.

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