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Reef Crest Part C - 20oz Magnesium Mix

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Pre-portioned magnesium mix for use with the Shlobster 3 part system.

We won't claim to have reinvented the wheel, or engineered a revolutionary chemical formula in order to provide our awesome 2 part solution to you.

What we have done though, is arranged the correct grades of additives you need to reliably maintain your calcium, alkalinity & magnesium levels - on the cheap, and without the contamination that lower grades of additives can contain.

We know the level of success (especially with hard corals) that can be attained with proper maintenance of these minerals and are excited to help you get that done.


  • Makes 20 ounces of magnesium aquarium supplement.
  • Best used as part of our 2 part system, but can be used alone.
  • Maintaining the magnesium level is necessary to ensure that the correct balance of calcium and alkalinity can be maintained.

Mixing Directions: Dissolve the entire contents of one pouch in 20oz of pure water. Let sit several hours before use. Note: Some precipitate may form after mixing. This is normal; shake mix and add when dosing.

Dosing Directions: After 1 gallon of each of part A & B have been added to the aquarium, slowly add 20oz to an area of high flow. If this is your first time using this product, please see the detailed directions below.

Detailed preparation and dosing instructions