Tunze Turbelle Nanostream Pump - 6015

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Powerful propeller based pump moves water in a wide flow form.

Design is much more than only styling of existing products. It is the expression of an idea and a concept; it opens one's eyes.

The Turbelle nanostream combines aesthetics and function. This innovative circulation pumps sets new records. At a diameter of only 2.7", it enables a waterflow of up to 1189gph at an energy consumption of only 8 watts.

The spherical shape permits an ingenious 3D setting of the direction of flow. As a standard feature, the Turbelle nanostream is supplied with a magnetic holder which allows an uncomplicated attachment at any position on the aquarium.


- Flow Rate: 476 GPH
- Recommended Aquarium Size: Up to 40 Gallons
- Energy Consumption: 3.5 Watts
- Variable Speed Control: NO