Fluval A402 Air Pump

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A quality, quiet air pump from Hagen suitable for aquariums up 160 gallons.

Hagen A402 Air Pump

A Series Air Pumps are designed to significantly improve water circulation and essential oxygen levels for fish, plants, corals, and beneficial bacteria.

Hobbyists will appreciate a powerful air delivery that is designed with ultra-quiet operation and energy efficiency in mind, in addition to adjustable flow control dials that allow each outlet to be independently controlled.

Hagen A402 Air Pump Features

  • Powerful air delivery - provides excellent output flow-to-pressure ratio
  • Engineered noise dampening baffle chamber deliver an ultra-quiet operation
  • Oversized rubber feet stabilizers reduce vibration
  • Adjustable flow control dials allow each outlet to be independently controlled Energy-efficient - draws as little energy as 2W (Small model)
  • Space saving rubber hang tag easily mounts to side of aquarium stand for less clutter
  • For use with 1 or several air stones
  • For aquariums up to 600 L (160 US gal)