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Mag-Float Cleaning Magnet (Large)

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Floating algae magnet that takes the chore out of keeping your aquarium glass clean.

The new version of this magnet includes a scraper attachment for even better cleaning results (scraper attachment sold separately)!

  • Easy removal of algae from glass/acrylic surfaces
  • No longer knock over decorations, damage corals and invertebrates
  • No longer get your hands submerged into the water of the fish tank
  • Time/money saver on maintenance
  • Large cleaning surface area makes the job quick and efficient
  • Stays free of debris
  • Can be maintained attached to aquarium surface
  • Strong, high-quality neodymium rare earth magnets
  • Available for glass and acrylic aquariums
  • Can be used on freshwater and saltwater tanks
  • Magnet does not lose strength over time
  • Easy retrieval of inner magnet

This specially designed aquarium cleaner is unique because it floats! The Mag-Float can easily be guided around a corner without sinking.

Casing made of high grade ABS.


  • Dimensions:3-1/4" x 2-1/2" x 1"
  • Recommended on aquariums up to 350 gallons
  • Maximum glass thickness: 5/8"
  • Use only with glass aquariums!