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Reef Crest Bulk Phos Drop (2.8KG)

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A high quality economical option to remove phosphate quickly and safely from your water.

The grade of Phosphate Remover you need, at a budget friendly price!

  • Spherical shape prevents compacting and maintains water flow.
  • Can be used to drop phosphate levels, and maintain phosphate levels on an ongoing basis.
  • Does not leach aluminum in a marine aquarium environment.

  • Always rinse with RO / filtered water before use. Product may become hot when first rinsing!
  • Employ 250ml for every 100 gallons of system volume.
  • Employ in a reactor, or nylon filter bag.
  • Check phosphate levels after 48 hours to ensure they have fallen adequately. If they have, product may be left in place until levels begin to climb again.
  • Note: product cannot be regenerated

Unlike some competitors, Reef Crest Bulk Chemicals are sold by net weight not volume - this ensures a consistent amount of product in any package.
Some settling may occur in shipping.