ZEOVit Amino Acid Concentrate LPS - 250ml

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Amino acid mixture specifically designed to help aid the growth and coloration of LPS coral.

A high quality food source based on amino acids, designed specifically for large polyped stony corals (LPS) such as Cynarina, Blastomusa, Welsophylia, Symphylia, Musidae, Fungias, Heliofungias, and Catalaphylia.

Corals expand their tissue immediately after dosing and regular dosing has a positive impact on coral growth while aiding in the regeneration process of damaged corals.

  • High quality nutrition especially for large polyp stony corals (LPS) and soft corals
  • Coral tissue will expand immediately after dosing
  • Very positive effect on coral growth
  • Supports regeneration of injured corals
  • Recommended in any tank system

Dosing: 1 ml per 50 gallons daily. Reduce the dosing amount if the tissue color of the corals becomes browner.

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