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Bubble Magus Media Cup - 4 Inch

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The 4 inch Bubble Magus Media Cup is made to fit a regular 4 inch filter sock holder and allows you to run filter media carbon or other aquarium media in it.

Bubble Magus Media Cup - 4 Inch

Rigid acrylic filter cup made to fit regular 4" sock holder, this version has additional vertical flow slots in the sides, these slots in addition to the base venting create an effective open area of 99% across the diameter of the filter cup, meaning max flow can pass through the filter floss.

To ensure a laminar flow through the floss without restricting flow you can either place pelleted form of media in the bottom of the cup or large marbles to keep all the available open space for flow. Having the floss sit on top of this then retains the high flow through the cup,

Use for filter floss / sponges, or a combo of media of your choice,

Specifications of the Bubble Magus Aquarium Filter Media Cup

  • Length approximately 8"
  • Tube Lip diameter 4.25"
  • Tube diameter 3.75"

Note: Will not fit Red Sea or Waterbox aquariums.