Aquarium Additives, Foods, Carbons, etc. from Brightwell Aquatics

Like many of you, I am long-time aquarist, now with over three decades spent tending to all manner of marine and freshwater aquaria, and over 14 years spent as an aquarium professional at the manufacturing level. I have fought the same battles that you have with algae and livestock illnesses, balanced my water chemistry using what was available to me, maintained countless fishes, invertebrates, and plants, and had my share of successes and failures. Additionally, I have seen the conga line of products entering the aquarium hobby that create confusion among aquarists and earn dollars for exploitative manufacturers; frankly, I got tired of it all and decided that it was time to make some changes in the industry.

Being a disciple of a hobby based on Chemistry, Biology, Geology, and Physics, I feel that an aquarist generally prefers to be told in concrete terms the service that a product will perform and the constituents of the product, itself. Additionally, products should be formulated to provide the best possible performance, with high-purity materials, and without unnecessary ingredients.

It was from these ideals that the concept of Brightwell Aquatics was born.
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