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Bubble Magus Collapsible Fish Trap (Medium)

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A collapsible fish trap to help get unwelcome and disruptive animals out of your aquarium easily.

Bubble Magus Collapsible Fish Trap (Medium)

Get rid of those nuisance animals in your aquarium!

The Bubble Magus Fish Trap easy! The process of capturing the unwanted fish or invertebrate occurs by using a clip that is inserted into the door which is connected to fishing line that drops a weighted door when the target enters the trap to acquire food.

The unit comes with an adapter to hang these traps on rimless or horizontal bracing up to 5/8" thick.

Features of the Bubble Magus Medium Collapsible Fish Trap

  • Trap Door - The door is held up with an inserted clip that is tied to a fishing line. By pulling on the fishing line, the clip is dislodged and the weighted door drops, thus trapping the targeted inhabitant.
  • Easy Attachment- Attaching the fish trap is very easy. Adapters on these fish traps enable the user to utilize on both thin molding, rimless and eurobraced tanks of around 5/8th thickness. Nylon screws are provided to hold traps securely in-place. Especially ideal for tanks with strong circulation.
  • Feeding Tube - The Feeding Tube is held in position with an O-ring. Adjustments of the O-ring to the desired position will alter the height and depth of the feeding tube. Holes at the bottom inhibit larger food particles from falling entirely through.
  • Collapsible - Entirely collapsible makes the fish trap easy to store and not take up a lot of precious room when not in use.
  • Additional Uses - Acclimating new roommates, getting clownfish to host anemones, reattaching loose corals, housing for seahorses, pairing fish, adapting finicky fish to tank food, etc.

Bubble Magus Medium Collapsible Fish Trap Specifications

  • Dimensions: 8" x 6.5" x 7.12"
  • Door Opening: 5.62" x 4.62"
  • Mounting Thickness: .75"
  • Food Feeder: 4.62"